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The Soviet Soldier

I was watching a video clip via Youtube called “Soviet Soldier”.  The clip is from 1991, and I am unsure about the primary source since the clip seems to be either from some documentary movie or news session. Also, I… Read More »The Soviet Soldier

DOS Games Nostalgia

Stockholm 2020-11-21 Recently I was watching several YouTube videos about games for the Microsoft DOS operative system. Watching the videos felt very nostalgic because I recognised many games that I used to play mostly during the end of 1990s and… Read More »DOS Games Nostalgia

Time for Wirex

Recently I received for my first “crypto-card” -Wirex. I am following this trend at the moment and I decided to start with Wirex mainly because I can use it within the EU, as during travels and vacations. Also, Wirex has… Read More »Time for Wirex

Becoming a SEEDIZEN

Stockholm 2020-10-06 Yesterday I became a citizen of the SEEDS community, or how I like to call it – SEEDIZEN. I joined SEEDS in March 2020 after being introduced to the community by entrepreneur Tomas Bjoerkman. One aspect I immediately… Read More »Becoming a SEEDIZEN


This summer I have spent lot of time playing Player Unknown’s Battleground also known as “PUBG”. Mostly I am playing this game via the app/smartphone version. One aspect that the game is often presented and identified by is the K6-3… Read More »PUBG-helmet

Whose Bosnia?

Recently I read the book “Whose Bosnia? Nationalism and Political Imagination in the Balkans, 1840–1914” by historian Edin Hajdarpasic. The book is mainly about the implementation of the ideas of early nationalism in Europe during 19th century and how nationalist… Read More »Whose Bosnia?

British Moment

Yesterday, a colleague of mine who co-started the page “Vienna goes Europe” asked me and others to share our “British Moment”. This was my contribution due to my musical interests from teenage days. What is your British Moment?

Alpha to Omega

A new channel about AI, medicine, and markets, partly created by my girlfriend Aditi Bahadur