Swedish Military Binoculars

No description available.
Photo: Vladan Lausevic

As a military historian, I am used to reading different books reflecting on various topics and time periods. This summer I read a book that I find as very unique due to its unusual topic — binoculars. As a former military officer and optical enthusiast, Robert Forslund wrote a book in 2009 called “Swedish Military Binoculars”. The book has around 100 pages and a lot of illustrations of different binoculars used in Swedish Armed Forces from the time before World War One until the end of the Cold War period. The book also contains an interesting chapter about optics innovator Georg Vogel who emigrated from Nazi-German occupied Czechoslovakia to Sweden as a refugee. For more information about the book, visit the following link

No description available.
Photo: Vladan Lausevic

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