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This summer I have spent lot of time playing Player Unknown’s Battleground also known as “PUBG”. Mostly I am playing this game via the app/smartphone version. One aspect that the game is often presented and identified by is the K6-3 Russian made helmet that in the game is called “the Spetsznas helmet” or “Lvl.3 helmet” (Spetsznas or “Specnaz” is an abbreviation for Special forces on the Russian language). 

K6-3 helmet. Photo via Fandom

This helmet has an interesting history, partly because it was not originally developed in the Soviet Union. The helmet’s original name was TIG-PSG-77 and was developed by the company TIG-Bicord AG in Switzerland. This is why the helmet also has been called TIG-helmet. Another company that also was producing this type of helmet was Ulbrechts in Austria. 

The helmet is often recognized and famous for its bulletproof visor. Among the main characters of this helmet are: 

  • Made of titanium 
  • Has an instaled speaker 
  • Has plugs for communication gear as the microphone 
  • Is bulletproof mainly  against pistol ammunition such as 9mm 
Screenshot via Fandom

One of the first official units to use this helmet was the contemporary West German GSG-9 special police and anti-terrorist unit. Later on , these helmets were bought by the Soviet government because KGB (intelligence and security agency) and other institutions were wishing to obtain this helmet. The PSH-77 helmet was used by the Soviet forces in 1979 during the Soviet military invasion of Afghanistan. Before the 1990s, the helmet was used by elite units in East Germany and Yugoslavia. 

Yugoslav PSH-77. Screenshot via WorthPoint

Similar helmets were later made resulting in Altyn, Maska and of course of Ka6-3. 

Maska used by Russian special forces (Specnaz). Screenshot via Fandom

Altyn helmet. Photo via Fandom 

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