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Becoming a SEEDIZEN

Stockholm 2020-10-06

Yesterday I became a citizen of the SEEDS community, or how I like to call it – SEEDIZEN. I joined SEEDS in March 2020 after being introduced to the community by entrepreneur Tomas Bjoerkman. One aspect I immediately admired with SEEDS was its story about decentralisation, ecological transformation and crypto based economic system with democratic governance. It reminded me a loft of my acitivms as a co-writer at Grön Opinion (Green Opinion) portal based on green, alternative and libertarian ideas.

When joining SEEDS one can initially have the status of a visitor, meaning that one can participate in parts of the community as regarding trading and discussions. Otherwise, as a citizen one can for example vote on co-creative project proposals aiming for ecological and social well-being, funded by Seeds cryptocurrency. The core of SEEDS story is about achieving a global civilisation and regenerative planet through co-creative, decentralised and democratic procedures. For more information, please visit SEEDS main webpage or write to me via since I am active as community ambassador.

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