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Time for Wirex

Recently I received for my first “crypto-card” -Wirex. I am following this trend at the moment and I decided to start with Wirex mainly because I can use it within the EU, as during travels and vacations. Also, Wirex has an internal token system and provides “crypto cashback” in Bitcoin every time the card is used in FIAT consumption as via Euro.

In general, what I find fascinating here when it comes to decentralized solutions is the notion of not being a customer as in a bank but being a community member. By being a community member, one is able to cooperate with other people, including by democratic voting and participation.

Aspects as decentralisation and blockchain are not only about technology but also changing human interactions and relations. As well as our individual and collective identifications.

If you want to learn more about crypto-cards, check out via the following video.

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