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Sweden and labour immigration debate


The current labour immigration law and system in Sweden was developed due to an agreement between the liberal-conservative Alliansen (Moderate Party, Christian Democrats, Liberal Party and Center Party) and the Green Party. The Swedish labour immigration law is often popularly seen as “the world’s most liberal one” and “almost as open borders/free immigration”. 

Basically, in order to work in Sweden, if you are a citizen outside of the EU or EEA-zone, you need to conduct an interview and agree with an employer for a salary at a minimum of 13 000 SEK per month (around 1300 Euros or US dollars). The employer has to advertise the job offer for at least ten days in Sweden before deciding that the new employee will be from outside of Europe.

One aspect of this law that is often criticised is that the government has to deport individuals if they or their company has conducted a misbehaving action such as reporting wrong amounts of working days or holiday reimbursement that in many cases has led to “banal” mistakes leading to deportations of high-skilled and talented individuals. 

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