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Sweden and labour immigration debate

The Inquiry on Labour Immigration 

Another important development is that the Swedish government recently published its survey called The Inquiry on Labour Immigration. Among the main points in Inquiry’s remit have been to: 

  • present proposals for the design of a new system for residence permits for highly qualified individuals intending to look for work and for individuals wanting to start a business in Sweden
  • consider whether the rules for residence permits to conduct business activities are appropriate and propose amendments
  •  make a broad analysis of the legal position and its impacts regarding “skills expulsions” of labour immigrants and make proposals intended to stop expulsions on account of negligible and excusable deficiencies
  • consider whether rules are needed to protect a worker who cannot get an extended residence permit for work
  • consider an extended possibility of imposing a corporate fine when faults have occurred at an employer or propose other suitable measures
  • whether to facilitate asylum seekers possibilities of renewing a passport held by the Swedish Migration Agency in connection with a “change of track.”

The government survey is not proposing a specific demand on wage level for the individual coming to Sweden with a labour permit. Instead, the proposal is that the individual who wants to bring family members will have to support them, and it would mean a wage of at least 30 000 SEK per month for bringing a life-partner and two children. 

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