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Sweden and labour immigration debate

Personal reflections 

At the moment, seen by numbers there is a parliamentary majority for changing the Swedish labour immigration law in a protectionist and restrictive direction. However, it remains to see what is going to happen. The social-democratic and green led government is depending on support from the liberal parties that are opposing the proposals made by the Moderate Party. In the case of the Center Party, often being labelled for being neo-liberal, the party would prefer to liberalize immigration policy in general. In the case that the Moderate Party could create a government with the indirect support of the far-right Sweden Democrats in 2022, the possibility of changing the labour immigration system is higher. While in the case of the Social-Democratic Party will be forming a government as with the liberal parties again, the possibility for changing the system is lower.  Also, a bigger change in Swedish politics is that the conservative parties are less liberal and more “left-wing” in economic questions than before 2017. 

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