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European Bildung Conference

Last weekend, I participated in the annual European Bildung Conference organised by European Bildung Network and Nordic Bildung members. The conference was organised digitally and focused on bildung aspects as education, social development and philosophy in Europe and globally. One key aspect of the European Bildung Forum is the metamodernist meta-narrative, which is still under philosophical construction by different intellectuals wishing to create a new metanarrative to integrate and replace postmodernism. 

During the conference, I participated in general and optional sessions, such as in the case of Bildung in higher education and the Danish Muslim Manifesto. Here some of my favourite moments during the conference: 

  • Two concepts of bildung based on historical development in Denmark during the 19th century: 
  1. “folkbildung” , as for peasants, working-class, uneducated)  
  2. “burgoiuse bildung”, as for middle-class and wealthier individuals 
  • “Chautauqua” – similar to bildung process that was organised among Native American communities as in USA and Canada, focus on life-long learning 
  • De Bildung Academie in the Netherlands, working with study circles and innovative learning tools. 
  • Sitra, a Finland based bildung organisation, focusing on aspects as the circular economy. 
  • Bildung in Ukraine, a new movement for promoting bildung culture in Ukraine after the Maidan revolution 

For more information about European Bildung Network, you can visit this link

Also, if you are interested, please sign the new Global Bildung Manifesto 

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