From Brussels to Arholma

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I usually spend a larger part of my summer at the island of Arholma, based in the northern part of Stockholm’s archipelago. When walking around and exploring Arholma, one can visit several places, as the old coastal artillery underground installation that in 2007 became a museum “Batteri Arholma” (The Arholma Battery).

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Another place worth visiting, which is popular among younger children, is Simesgården, an old ranch and farming place. One interesting aspect is that by reading signs within the Simesgården area, one can find traces of EU programs and decision-making in Brussels. This is because Arholma was included in a project within EU:s LIFE program focusing on climate change and environment as regarding natural conversation and biodiversity.

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In this photo, one can see both the LIFE logo and also Natura 2000. This is because Arholma and its neighbouring island Idö are recognised as Natura 2000 areas regarding animal wildlife, biodiversity, and overall ecology that are included in the EU environmental protection legalisation. In the case of Arholma, the island is also a bird reservation place with different species living on the island.

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During 2010-2016, Arholma was included in GRACE project, which stands for Grazing and Restoration of Archipelago and Coastal Environments. It was project that was co-financed by Swedish Environment Protection Agency and aimed for reaching the conditions for a long-term  favorable conservation status for semi-natural habitat types and their species.

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LIFE has existed since 1992 and is now focusing on developments such as EU:s Climate Law and European Green Deal. Its traces at Arholma during 2010-2016 period are now existing in forms of signed and information boards, such as about bird life and natural history at Arholma.

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Visiting Simesgården can be interesting for families with children since the owners do have different animals from time to time. Here are some of the recent ones, who were curious about my visit to the ranch.

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