Economic democracy and Sweden

Now, they show that such companies have been studied now for almost four decades and economically, they perform well actually, they on average outperform when it comes to productivity and sales and growth companies that are governed by outside capital, the productivity side, they pay somewhat not very much, but somewhat higher wages. One ofContinue reading “Economic democracy and Sweden”


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Graphic by Dominic McKenzie/Observer This essay, on the significance of the Twitter Files, was my?Observer?column this week. ?It was published on 1 January 2023, under the headline “The Twitter Files should disturb liberal critics of Elon Musk – and here’s why”. Half the room is jumping up and down, screaming “Gotcha!”.…


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Ngozi Fulani (photo: Graeme Robertson/The Guardian) This essay, on the census data and the debate about diversity data in Britain, was my?Observer?column this week. It was published 4 December 2022, under the headline “White Britons are declining and immigrants help prop up Christianity. Does it matter?” Ten million people living in…

Post-communist visual in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Link:  The photo above is from 2014 and taken in the municipality of Fojnica, in Central Bosnia. In the photo, one can see symbols, texts, and official information that in several ways are contradicting and go against each other when it comes to ideas, values, and ambitions. Here is the following explanation: Left side: EuropeanContinue reading “Post-communist visual in Bosnia-Herzegovina”

When the enemy tank (T-80) came to Sweden 

This article is based on the book “Svenskt pansar. 90 år av svenskt stridsfordonsutveckling” (Swedish armor. 90 years of Swedish combat vehicle development).  Intro – the early Post-Cold War period  This story might sound absurd concerning Sweden’s military and political development during the Cold War period from 1948 to 1991. As the Cold War ended,Continue reading When the enemy tank (T-80) came to Sweden 

Podcasting about crypto, democracy, migration, decentralization, globalization, and identification

During this week, two podcast episodes were published featuring my talk with others. The first talk is in Swedish and done with sisters Johanna and Josephine Norrbro about decentralization, identification, and migration. One of my main points is that with today’s tech it is possible for humans to migrate free globally, have digital identities, andContinue reading “Podcasting about crypto, democracy, migration, decentralization, globalization, and identification”

Riots, religion and relations – My talk with Imam Kashif Virk in Stockholm

Recently I had a conversation with my intellectual friend Kashif Virk in Stockholm. We talked about the recent riots and violence around Sweden in relation to the attempts to burn Quran by the far-right politician Rasmus Paludan. We also spoke about Islam and Muslim identification, with a focus on the Ahmadiya Islam community, including engagementContinue reading “Riots, religion and relations – My talk with Imam Kashif Virk in Stockholm”

2022-05-25 Multilingual political communication in Stockholm, Sweden

Part of my entrepreneurial work is to work with multilingual and intercultural communication for Jema Rådgivning AB, a consulting, analytical, and social company. My latest work is contributing to a local association/chapter of the Moderate Party (Conservative Party, Moderaterna, EPP affiliated) in Stockholm’s municipality of Botkyrka to communicate in eight languages besides Swedish and English.Continue reading “2022-05-25 Multilingual political communication in Stockholm, Sweden”

Photo analysis – Sarajevo 1992-05-02

The photo was taken on 2 May 1992 during combat in Sarajevo between Yugoslav armed forces and Bosnian Serb paramilitary units on one side against Bosnian territorial defense, police, and paramilitary units on the other side.  Jordi Pujol Puente was a photo-journalist from Spain, Catalunya. He was killed in Sarajevo on 17 May 1992 duringContinue reading “Photo analysis – Sarajevo 1992-05-02”