Sweden and labour immigration debate

Photo: Michael Schaffler via Unsplash  TLDR General elections in Sweden are taking place in 2022, and immigration will be one of the main topics.  The government consisting of Social-Democrats and Greens has been negotiating a new migration policy with its supporting parties Liberal Party and Center Party.  The overall situation concerning popular and political viewsContinue reading “Sweden and labour immigration debate”

Good humans in the time of evil – Đorđe Balašević

Two weeks ago, it was confirmed that musician and anti-war activist  Đorđe Balašević died from the Coronavirus. In general, Balašević was known and popular across former Yugoslavia. He was born and grew up in Vojvodina, the northern part of Serbia, which together with Kosovo used to be one of Yugoslavia’s autonomous republics.  Balašević was famousContinue reading “Good humans in the time of evil – Đorđe Balašević”

Sweden, immigration and remittances

In 2009, a report was published by think-tank Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) concerning remittances send by immigrants and migrants in Sweden to other parts of the world. The report “Remitteringar från Sverige” (Remittances from Sweden) was written by Lisa Pelling, today working at progressive and left-liberal magazine Dagens Arena (Today’s Arena). Pelling’s starting point wasContinue reading “Sweden, immigration and remittances”

What has the EU done for Sweden? (and vice-versa)

In 2014, during the European Parliament elections period, a publication was made in Sweden under the name “Vad har EU gjort för Sverige – och vad har Sverige gjort för EU?” meaning “What has the EU done for Sweden – and what has Sweden done for the EU?”  The publication was written by Fredrik ErixonContinue reading “What has the EU done for Sweden? (and vice-versa)”

Canned food commercial from 1973

Here is a commercial from 1973 showing canned food made by NNP, an abbreviation for Nedre Norrlands Producentförening (Lower Norrland Manufacturing Union). NNP was cooperatively owned by farmers in the Norrland region (northern Sweden), who in many cases already had associations as for dairy production.  One of NNP:s trademarks was “Enenpe” and consisted of cannedContinue reading “Canned food commercial from 1973”

5,5 billion dollar question – EU and Yugoslavia in 1990, interview with Kiro Gligorov

Kiro Gligorov was one of the most famous and active communist politicians in ex-Yugoslavia. Gligorov was involved in the Macedonian branch of the Yugoslav Communist League (party)  and served as the first president of Macedonia’s Socialist Republic. After the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Gligorov served as the president of sovereign Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia nowContinue reading “5,5 billion dollar question – EU and Yugoslavia in 1990, interview with Kiro Gligorov”

Yugo Cobra

Recently I was watching an episode of “Cobra“, a 1990s action TV-show starring  Michael Dudikoff. Partly, I am watching Cobra since it was broadcasted in Bosnia after the war. One of those “Americanising” shows that many people enjoyed despite all anti-American behaviours as among larger parts of the Bosnian Serb population.  In the first partsContinue reading “Yugo Cobra”