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Knutte and Gzim

I live in the municipality of Taeby (Täby), which is one of the northern municipalities in the Stockholm region. Around Taeby, there are several publically organised several art sculptures, statues and monuments. One of them is based in the area… Read More »Knutte and Gzim

PUBG BRDM problems

The first time I noticed that the BRDM military vehicles, an armoured reconnaissance car, is used in PUBG, I thought about it as something positive for PUBG-gaming. To be honest, the first time I saw the BRDM  was when I… Read More »PUBG BRDM problems

Sarajevo Party

In 1995, Sweden became an EU-member state after a popular referendum in 1994 (52,3 % voted in favour, 46,8 % voted against, and 0,8 % voted blank, while the voting participation was around 83%). During 1994, the third European Parliament… Read More »Sarajevo Party