Public Enemy in Sarajevo

This photo was taken by photo-journalist Fernando Costa Netto when he worked in Sarajevo during the war. Before and even during the war, many teenagers, youngsters and kids in Sarajevo grew up with music made in the USA such as rock and roll, rap, and hip hop. In Sarajevo, as in other parts of Bosnia,Continue reading “Public Enemy in Sarajevo”

The Soviet Soldier

I was watching a video clip via Youtube called “Soviet Soldier”.  The clip is from 1991, and I am unsure about the primary source since the clip seems to be either from some documentary movie or news session. Also, I am not aware at the moment of what tendencies this Youtube channel has. Hopefully isContinue reading “The Soviet Soldier”

När hotstridsvagnen kom till Sverige

Denna artikel baseras på boken “Svenskt pansar. 90 år av svenskt stridsfordonsutveckling”  I samband med det kalla krigets slut fanns det tankar att Försvarsmakten skulle köpa och skaffa den sovjetiska stridsvagnen modell T-80. Syftet var att T-80 skulle bli standardmodell för Arméns mekaniserade brigader. Något storskalig köp kom aldrig att genomföras men tankarna fanns ochContinue reading “När hotstridsvagnen kom till Sverige”

“Openess is our strength”

Recently, liberal and optimist intellectual Johan Norberg published a short book on Swedish “Viruset och världen: Är det nu globaliseringen dör?” (The virus and the world: Is it now that globalization dies?” The book contains many references to arguments and proofs made by several academics and researchers raging from various fields of science and researchContinue reading ““Openess is our strength””

Symbols of change – or not

Stockholm 2020-03-30 Recently I was going through my photos from childhood. I came to react strongly on the following photo due to the memory of my interests for history and social science. The photo is from the beginning from the 2000s, maybe 2002. It was taken in Bosnia, in the town of Teslic. I amContinue reading “Symbols of change – or not”