The S-Tank

Stockholm 2020-05-18 Yesterday I passed by the Army Museum in Stockholm. One of the main exhibitions that are outdoor is the “S-tank”, officially called Stridsvagn-103 (Tank 103). The S-tank was famous for its “unique” or “strange” design. Military or tank experts had disagreements regarding its status because not all experts could agree if S-103 evenContinue reading “The S-Tank”

Symbols of change – or not

Stockholm 2020-03-30 Recently I was going through my photos from childhood. I came to react strongly on the following photo due to the memory of my interests for history and social science. The photo is from the beginning from the 2000s, maybe 2002. It was taken in Bosnia, in the town of Teslic. I amContinue reading “Symbols of change – or not”