“Battle for Seattle” files

Events as demonstrations, violence and controversies during the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle during November-December 1999 came to be known as “the Battle for Seattle”. Relevant data as official documents, photos,  notes and other stuff can be read and downloaded via Seattle  government website.  Thanks for reading. You can provide support and reward myContinue reading ““Battle for Seattle” files”

Danish armour recognition military card during the war in Bosnia

During the war in Bosnia, the Danish state participated with its military units initially in the UN-led UNPROFOR and later within the NATO-led IFOR and SFOR peacekeeping missions. One more famous aspect of the Danish military participation in Bosnia was the usage of German-made Leopard 1 tanks with 105 mm guns.  Via laststandonzombieisland blog  TheContinue reading “Danish armour recognition military card during the war in Bosnia”

The S-Tank

Stockholm 2020-05-18 Yesterday I passed by the Army Museum in Stockholm. One of the main exhibitions that are outdoor is the “S-tank”, officially called Stridsvagn-103 (Tank 103). The S-tank was famous for its “unique” or “strange” design. Military or tank experts had disagreements regarding its status because not all experts could agree if S-103 evenContinue reading “The S-Tank”

European Bildung Day 2020

Last weekend I participated at the European Bildung Day Online conference. The original idea was to have a physical conference in Copenhagen. During the 2-day conference, there were several discussions about the meaning of Bildung how it could be implemented in practice. The meaning of Bildung, which is a German word, can be described withContinue reading “European Bildung Day 2020”

Smalare men vassare EU. Centerpartiets EU-politiska kommunikation i förändring

Jag har skrivit denna artikel genom att analysera begreppet ”smalare menvassare” rörande Centerpartiets EU-politiska kommunikation. Intresset väcktesredan under 2014 i samband med Europaparlamentsvalet när Centerpartietpresenterade sitt valprogram och senare under 2016 när jag skrev minmasteruppsats om svenska riksdagspartiers politiska kommunikation under EP-valet.