Photo analysis – Sarajevo 1992-05-02

The photo was taken on 2 May 1992 during combat in Sarajevo between Yugoslav armed forces and Bosnian Serb paramilitary units on one side against Bosnian territorial defense, police, and paramilitary units on the other side.  Jordi Pujol Puente was a photo-journalist from Spain, Catalunya. He was killed in Sarajevo on 17 May 1992 duringContinue reading “Photo analysis – Sarajevo 1992-05-02”

A presentation about liquid democracy, decentralization, and business at Chitkara University

On Wednesday 2022-02-23, I made a presentation at Chitkara Univeristy in Punjab, India. I spoke about topics such as decentralization and what it means for the economy and other policy areas, business and entrepreneurship, climate transformation, and India’s union government’s current position on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. I am very satisfied that more than 300Continue reading “A presentation about liquid democracy, decentralization, and business at Chitkara University”

Basic income, crypto and democracy (in Swedish)

Recently me and my intellectual buddy Sixten had a live conversation in Sorsele about: Basic income Blockchain Communities Cryptocurrency (Liquid) Democracy Decentralisation  One of the main points was that aspects like blockchain, crypto, and digital development are all parts of the same story about decentralisation. Humans will be able to cooperate and co-create solutions viaContinue reading “Basic income, crypto and democracy (in Swedish)”

From Game A to Game B – live talk with Lee Chazen

I recently had a talk with Lee Chazen about aspects as AI, democracy and education in relation to future development. Lee is also a member of the European Bildung Forum that recently also gained a global dimension through Global Bildung. Also, Lee is very active with an initiative called Glider Cell aiming for new ideasContinue reading “From Game A to Game B – live talk with Lee Chazen”

From Brussels to Arholma

I usually spend a larger part of my summer at the island of Arholma, based in the northern part of Stockholm’s archipelago. When walking around and exploring Arholma, one can visit several places, as the old coastal artillery underground installation that in 2007 became a museum “Batteri Arholma” (The Arholma Battery). Another place worth visiting,Continue reading “From Brussels to Arholma”