From Game A to Game B – live talk with Lee Chazen

I recently had a talk with Lee Chazen about aspects as AI, democracy and education in relation to future development. Lee is also a member of the European Bildung Forum that recently also gained a global dimension through Global Bildung. Also, Lee is very active with an initiative called Glider Cell aiming for new ideasContinue reading “From Game A to Game B – live talk with Lee Chazen”

From Brussels to Arholma

I usually spend a larger part of my summer at the island of Arholma, based in the northern part of Stockholm’s archipelago. When walking around and exploring Arholma, one can visit several places, as the old coastal artillery underground installation that in 2007 became a museum “Batteri Arholma” (The Arholma Battery). Another place worth visiting,Continue reading “From Brussels to Arholma”

Arholma Maritime Museum

Are you in Stockholm and admire maritime history? In such case, if you like to travel for longer distances, try to travel to the island of Arholma. The island is the last stop when taking a ferry from Stockholm. Also, you can take a bus to Norrtaelje (Norrtälje) and from there another bus where SimpnaesContinue reading “Arholma Maritime Museum”

European Bildung Conference

Last weekend, I participated in the annual European Bildung Conference organised by European Bildung Network and Nordic Bildung members. The conference was organised digitally and focused on bildung aspects as education, social development and philosophy in Europe and globally. One key aspect of the European Bildung Forum is the metamodernist meta-narrative, which is still underContinue reading “European Bildung Conference”

Sweden and labour immigration debate

Photo: Michael Schaffler via Unsplash  TLDR General elections in Sweden are taking place in 2022, and immigration will be one of the main topics.  The government consisting of Social-Democrats and Greens has been negotiating a new migration policy with its supporting parties Liberal Party and Center Party.  The overall situation concerning popular and political viewsContinue reading “Sweden and labour immigration debate”

Good humans in the time of evil – Đorđe Balašević

Two weeks ago, it was confirmed that musician and anti-war activist  Đorđe Balašević died from the Coronavirus. In general, Balašević was known and popular across former Yugoslavia. He was born and grew up in Vojvodina, the northern part of Serbia, which together with Kosovo used to be one of Yugoslavia’s autonomous republics.  Balašević was famousContinue reading “Good humans in the time of evil – Đorđe Balašević”

Sweden, immigration and remittances

In 2009, a report was published by think-tank Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) concerning remittances send by immigrants and migrants in Sweden to other parts of the world. The report “Remitteringar från Sverige” (Remittances from Sweden) was written by Lisa Pelling, today working at progressive and left-liberal magazine Dagens Arena (Today’s Arena). Pelling’s starting point wasContinue reading “Sweden, immigration and remittances”