Good humans in the time of evil – Đorđe Balašević

Two weeks ago, it was confirmed that musician and anti-war activist  Đorđe Balašević died from the Coronavirus. In general, Balašević was known and popular across former Yugoslavia. He was born and grew up in Vojvodina, the northern part of Serbia, which together with Kosovo used to be one of Yugoslavia’s autonomous republics.  Balašević was famousContinue reading “Good humans in the time of evil – Đorđe Balašević”

Sweden, immigration and remittances

In 2009, a report was published by think-tank Global Utmaning (Global Challenge) concerning remittances send by immigrants and migrants in Sweden to other parts of the world. The report “Remitteringar från Sverige” (Remittances from Sweden) was written by Lisa Pelling, today working at progressive and left-liberal magazine Dagens Arena (Today’s Arena). Pelling’s starting point wasContinue reading “Sweden, immigration and remittances”

What has the EU done for Sweden? (and vice-versa)

In 2014, during the European Parliament elections period, a publication was made in Sweden under the name “Vad har EU gjort för Sverige – och vad har Sverige gjort för EU?” meaning “What has the EU done for Sweden – and what has Sweden done for the EU?”  The publication was written by Fredrik ErixonContinue reading “What has the EU done for Sweden? (and vice-versa)”

Canned food commercial from 1973

Here is a commercial from 1973 showing canned food made by NNP, an abbreviation for Nedre Norrlands Producentförening (Lower Norrland Manufacturing Union). NNP was cooperatively owned by farmers in the Norrland region (northern Sweden), who in many cases already had associations as for dairy production.  One of NNP:s trademarks was “Enenpe” and consisted of cannedContinue reading “Canned food commercial from 1973”

“Battle for Seattle” files

Events as demonstrations, violence and controversies during the World Trade Organisation meeting in Seattle during November-December 1999 came to be known as “the Battle for Seattle”. Relevant data as official documents, photos,  notes and other stuff can be read and downloaded via Seattle  government website.  Thanks for reading. You can provide support and reward myContinue reading ““Battle for Seattle” files”

Danish armour recognition military card during the war in Bosnia

During the war in Bosnia, the Danish state participated with its military units initially in the UN-led UNPROFOR and later within the NATO-led IFOR and SFOR peacekeeping missions. One more famous aspect of the Danish military participation in Bosnia was the usage of German-made Leopard 1 tanks with 105 mm guns.  Via laststandonzombieisland blog  TheContinue reading “Danish armour recognition military card during the war in Bosnia”