Destroyed MT-LB armored vehicle in Sweden

From August to November 2008, I was involved in the Swedish Armed Forces as a soldier within the Home Guard (Hemvärnet), similar to army reserve units and territorial units in armed forces worldwide. At that time, I aspired to become full-time employed within the Swedish military to be able to work as staff in peace-keepingContinue reading “Destroyed MT-LB armored vehicle in Sweden”

Canned food commercial from 1973

Here is a commercial from 1973 showing canned food made by NNP, an abbreviation for Nedre Norrlands Producentförening (Lower Norrland Manufacturing Union). NNP was cooperatively owned by farmers in the Norrland region (northern Sweden), who in many cases already had associations as for dairy production.  One of NNP:s trademarks was “Enenpe” and consisted of cannedContinue reading “Canned food commercial from 1973”