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2022-05-09 Photo analysis – Sarajevo 1992-05-02

  • The photo was taken on 2 May 1992 during combat in Sarajevo between Yugoslav armed forces and Bosnian Serb paramilitary units on one side against Bosnian territorial defense, police, and paramilitary units on the other side. 
  • Jordi Pujol Puente was a photo-journalist from Spain, Catalunya. He was killed in Sarajevo on 17 May 1992 during his journalistic work. His reports from the war in Sarajevo were very read by many Catalans and others in Spain during May 1992. 
  • Coca-cola advertising poster. Coca-Cola established its operations and factory in BiH in 1996, just one year after the war.
  • The dead soldier was from the Yugoslav People Army a special/elite unit with the assignment to capture the presidency building of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
  • The knocked-out, but not destroyed, an armored car is off the Yugoslav-made BOV-86 armed with a 12,7 mm heave-machine gun 


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