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2021-01-13 Some similarities between the Capitol riots and wars in ex-Yugoslavia

Artillery attack on the Bosnia’s parilimartary assembly building in May 1992 in Sarajevo

1. “Strong leaders”, nationalist identity politics, populist politicians and undemocratic agendas 

2. Military coup-style actions and violent takeovers of public institutions and buildings 

Nationalist politician and president of Croatia during 1990-97 Franjo Tudjman

3. People driven by beliefs in conspiracy theories, politics of fear, irrationality and nationalist mythology. 

Member of Bosnian army “Zulfikar battalion”, a unit that committed several war crimes during the war in Bosnia.

4. Militia groups, paramilitary units, armed individuals often with criminal records, tribalistic behaviours 

5. Disdain for democracy, human rights and constitutionalism 

Via historian Edin Hajdarpasic
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