Communism, Globalism, Nationalism – Wars, politics and social developments in former Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union

Stockholm 2020-12-21

Today, I am starting a new blog with a focus on developments in areas of former Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union as during 1990-2000. For a long time, I have been thinking about this, partly due to my own experiences during the Bosnian war. There are similarities in economic, social and political terms when comparing what happened in former Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union as the communist system collapses, nationalist movements emerged, and processes of globalisation and the creation of the European Union started taking place. In this section, I am aspiring to write about the following:

  • Political systems and ideas
  • Military, armed forces, wars
  • Historical and modern events
  • Popular culture as music, arts, sports
  • Global and local contexts 

From my article Symbols of change – or not

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