ESGC – Crypto for climate, welfare and humanity

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Cryptocurrencies are often validly criticized for being bad for the climate and environment and for being used for capitalism and fast money. My aim with the ESGC page is to write about cryptocurrencies used for activities and projects based on ecology, democracy, community, welfare, cooperation, and other important aspects.

Here, you are able to read about:

  • Activism for climate, welfare and democracy
  • Community Inclusion Currencies
  • Green cryptocurrencies
  • Regenerative Finance (Refi)
  • Social projects and community development

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Podcasting about crypto, democracy, migration, decentralization, globalization, and identification

During this week, two podcast episodes were published featuring my talk with others. The first talk is in Swedish and done with sisters Johanna and Josephine Norrbro about decentralization, identification, and migration. One of my main points is that with today’s tech it is possible for humans to migrate free globally, have digital identities, andContinue reading “Podcasting about crypto, democracy, migration, decentralization, globalization, and identification”

Riots, religion and relations – My talk with Imam Kashif Virk in Stockholm

Recently I had a conversation with my intellectual friend Kashif Virk in Stockholm. We talked about the recent riots and violence around Sweden in relation to the attempts to burn Quran by the far-right politician Rasmus Paludan. We also spoke about Islam and Muslim identification, with a focus on the Ahmadiya Islam community, including engagementContinue reading “Riots, religion and relations – My talk with Imam Kashif Virk in Stockholm”

2022-05-25 Multilingual political communication in Stockholm, Sweden

Part of my entrepreneurial work is to work with multilingual and intercultural communication for Jema Rådgivning AB, a consulting, analytical, and social company. My latest work is contributing to a local association/chapter of the Moderate Party (Conservative Party, Moderaterna, EPP affiliated) in Stockholm’s municipality of Botkyrka to communicate in eight languages besides Swedish and English.Continue reading “2022-05-25 Multilingual political communication in Stockholm, Sweden”

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