ESGC – Crypto for climate, welfare and humanity

Photo by Tezos via Unsplash

Cryptocurrencies are often validly criticized for being bad for the climate and environment and for being used for capitalism and fast money. My aim with the ESGC page is to write about cryptocurrencies used for activities and projects based on ecology, democracy, community, welfare, cooperation, and other important aspects.

Here, you are able to read about:

  • Activism for climate, welfare and democracy
  • Community Inclusion Currencies
  • Green cryptocurrencies
  • Regenerative Finance (Refi)
  • Social projects and community development

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Post-communist visual in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Link:  The photo above is from 2014 and taken in the municipality of Fojnica, in Central Bosnia. In the photo, one can see symbols, texts, and official information that in several ways are contradicting and go against each other when it comes to ideas, values, and ambitions. Here is the following explanation: Left side: EuropeanContinue reading “Post-communist visual in Bosnia-Herzegovina”

When the enemy tank (T-80) came to Sweden 

This article is based on the book “Svenskt pansar. 90 år av svenskt stridsfordonsutveckling” (Swedish armor. 90 years of Swedish combat vehicle development).  Intro – the early Post-Cold War period  This story might sound absurd concerning Sweden’s military and political development during the Cold War period from 1948 to 1991. As the Cold War ended,Continue reading When the enemy tank (T-80) came to Sweden 

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