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Liberalism, globalisation and Europe – from 20th to 21st century

During 2013-2021 I was an active liberal as a member of the Liberal Party (Folkpartiet Liberalerna) in Sweden and as an individual member of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE). After experiencing several problems, obstacles and disillusions in political life I decided to leave party politics and focus on other ideas as liquid democracy.

My current ambition is to write a book about liberalism with a focus on developments during the last 30 years, especially in Europe. The book will also focus on aspects as globalisation, nationalism and democracy, and on different ideologies as socialism, conservatism and ecologism. I will be writing both on basis of my own experiences and via academic research. Certain articles are going to be in Swedish while my aim is to write most articles in English.

Here is a preliminary structure of the book. More information and articles are published via

  • Introduction
  • History of liberalism
  • Liberalism, identification and democracy
  • Liberalism and globalism vs liberalism and nationalism
  • Globalisation and post-Cold War developments
  • Liberalism and the European Union
  • Examples from Sweden’s political development 1990-2020
  • Politics for the future: global governance, digital democracy, migration, identification
  • Post-international (liberal) world order: global democracy and federalism, World Parliament, Cosmopolitan Europe