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Liquid democracy

Democracy has many strengths over dictatorships and authoritarian rules. One of them is that democracy is dynamic and continually changing with new social, economic and technological trends. Democracy is a system of interhuman conversation and decision-making process that leads to formal and informal decisions and agreements.

The idea of liquid democracy is an idea for democracy for the 21st century and post-industrial transformation. It goes hand in hand with lifestyle and technological changes and “uberization of politics” where social media groups, virtual communities and interest networks are becoming more critical and vital for democratic agendas and cooperation. Liquid democracy is also about liquid identifications where the individual is a minority or majority, liberal or conservative, individualist or communitarian depending on the issue and topic. Also, liquid democracy is about democratic globalization, enabling people around the world to act as global citizens.

I am making presentations in the following topics:

  • Introduction to liquid democracy
  • Co-creation and voting delegation processes
  • Global democracy and World Parliament idea
  • Democratizing and liquidizing EU-budget
  • Crowdpol – change the world from your phone