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News and updates

2023-01-21 My policy paper/report about cryptocurrencies and international financial institutions

I have recently published a report about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and international institutions, together with Nathaniel (Nana) Dwamena from the Ghana-based African Institute for Decentralised Finance and Blockchain. One of my principles is that there is a first thing for everything in life and this is my first “real” policy report/paper. Feel free to download it and send me your feedback via

2022-07-14 Alpha to Omega

A new channel about AI, medicine, and markets, partly created by my girlfriend Aditi Bahadur

2022-06-18 Podcasting about crypto, democracy, migration, decentralization, globalization, and identification

During this week, two podcast episodes were published featuring my talk with others. The first talk is in Swedish and done with sisters Johanna and Josephine Norrbro about decentralization, identification, and migration. One of my main points is that with today’s tech it is possible for humans to migrate free globally, have digital identities, and cooperate in communities.

The second talk is in English with Musa Obed and Adrian Arroyo about decentralization, globalization, and the economy. We are discussing how decentralized aspects as cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance (Defi) can be used to enable global cooperation, formation of markets, and other initiatives.

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