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Self-Sovereign Identity

The basic idea of SSI is that every individual should own a sovereign identification. SSI can be used for interaction between individuals and also between individuals and institutions, both public and private ones.

SSI offers a possibility that no individual in the world should be stateless or without documents. Access to legal identification is also a part of the UN:s Agenda 2030. By owning an SSI, the individual can also store different ID:s at one place, such as regarding birth date, citizenship, university degrees, or business licenses.

SSI also provides a possibility of establishing a legal and affective global or planetary citizenship.

Would you like to learn more about SSI, how it could be implemented and shape our future?

I am doing presentations about SSI focusing on the following topics:

  • Introduction, beginner’s info
  • UN 2030 Goal 19
  • Private and public interactions
  • Global citizenship 
  • Democracy and virtual communities