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2021-03-19 Sweden and labour immigration debate.

Photo: Michael Schaffler via Unsplash 


  • General elections in Sweden are taking place in 2022, and immigration will be one of the main topics. 
  • The government consisting of Social-Democrats and Greens has been negotiating a new migration policy with its supporting parties Liberal Party and Center Party. 
  • The overall situation concerning popular and political views on immigration has been more negative since 2016. 
  • The former alliance (Alliansen) between liberal and conservatives that started in 2004 ended during 2016-2018. The alliance legislated Sweden’s labour immigration system in 2008 in cooperation with the Green Party. Currently, the Conservative (Moderate) Party and Christian Democrats (both members of EPP) are changing their views on immigration in more restrictionist and protectionist directions. 
  • There is an older debate about “kompetensutvisningar” – deportations of labour immigrants who are often high-skilled, experts and talented but are deported because of banal mistakes and bureaucratic problems made by as in cases of reporting numbers of vacation days for their employers. 
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