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2021-02-19 Canned food commercial from 1973

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Here is a commercial from 1973 showing canned food made by NNP, an abbreviation for Nedre Norrlands Producentförening (Lower Norrland Manufacturing Union). NNP was cooperatively owned by farmers in the Norrland region (northern Sweden), who in many cases already had associations as for dairy production. 

One of NNP:s trademarks was “Enenpe” and consisted of canned food. The commercial with Enenpe products showing a father and his son cooking. After some discussions about price and taste, they decide to make an isterband based spaghetti sauce. 

Father and son cooking. 

Blood/black pudding, liver patties and isterband sausage. The price was 8 SEK, which in today’s “inflation” value would be 57 SEK or around 5-6 Euros. 

Old school opening.

The boy also asks if he should put the other two cans, liver patties, black pudding into the freezer, and the father answers that there is no need since the cans can be stored without the freezer.  

Time for some isterband sliced in smaller pieces mixed in tomato sauce, tomato puree, parsley, oregano, and onions. 

Isterband sausage based spaghetti sauce – sounds creative, with some cheese. 

Isterband, also for filling paprikas.

Boy’s desire – black pudding and lingonberry yoghurt. Also, the father mentions that the black-pudding has been “cooked inside of the can.” 

“Liver patties can be eaten cold, as in a sandwich”. 

Now at the end, the son explains to the father that “I am thinking about the food rebate”, and “If I buy” 20 of each of them,  “it is fantastic because then I can get your bike”. It means that 60 cans where it was 3 for 8 SEK  would be equal to 20 x 8 = 160 SEK, which in this case was similar or equal to the price of the father’s bicycle. The ad ends with the father asking, “What?”. 

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