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I make presentations and events about the following topics:

  • Self-Sovereign Identity
  • Global Citizenship
  • Migration and mobility
  • Governance and institutions
  • Human Security
  • Peacekeeping and enforcement
  • Basic income
  • Democracy and co-creation processes
  • History
  • Cryptocurrency (Skycoin)

In principle, my presentations take around 30-45 minutes and it is possible to arrange longer sessions. All bookings are free of charge and you can reward my work via the following options:


Steemit – @lauvlad89

Skycoin – ZxjhWMJRbTNCRQzy5MekZzH4fhdWFCqBP8

Cardano -DdzFFzCqrhsfRwmwr7hVxFrnPHRXY6qnez98sfGPY8RRj3yayuptQGEp8yBdCCQpESiGFSDHYcoa9sLsfH3LssvgMuCcMWZb8FoEBg6F

Swish – 0762345677