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2021-03-17 PUBG BRDM problems

The first time I noticed that the BRDM military vehicles, an armoured reconnaissance car, is used in PUBG, I thought about it as something positive for PUBG-gaming. To be honest, the first time I saw the BRDM  was when I was playing the Erangel map. The BRDM was on the opposite side of one hill, so I could not see it. Thinking it was some of the cars, I started moving close to it only to be surprised and “roadkilled”. 

After that “incident”, I was looking forward to trying out the BRDM myself. But I got disappointed because of two reasons: 

  1. By seeing the BRDM, I understood that the 14,5 heavy machine gun is removed for the sake of fairness of the game. However, I was expecting it to shoot from inside the vechicle since that can be done in reality through rifle hatches. 
  1. I was expecting that BRDM could be destroyed or damaged via Molotov cocktails and hand grenades. But I was not expecting that BRDM could be destroyed by small arms fire as via sub-machine guns. Actually, the first time I was killed in the BRDM was because I did not notice that its stamina was getting worse after each shot. 

Thereby, the question is. Can PUBG do something about it by improving the current BRDM feature? 

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