Good humans in the time of evil – Duško Kondor

Duško Kondor was a human rights activist during and after the war in Bosnia. He was born and lived in the city of Bijeljina, were among the worst crimes during the war occurred in 1992. During the war, Duško had the courage and moral conviction to condemn war crimes, and after the war, he cooperatedContinue reading “Good humans in the time of evil – Duško Kondor”

Neo-liberalism, Soros and CIA – conspiracy theories in areas of ex-Yugoslavia and the Soviet union

Why do many people in Balkans believe that Corona does not exist and that 5G is a conspiracy connected to Bill Gates? Recently, I read an article by weekly columnist Hynek Pallas who often writes about Central Europe in Swedish speaking daily media as Göteborgs Posten. Pallas has reviewed two research book called ”Conspiracy Theories inContinue reading “Neo-liberalism, Soros and CIA – conspiracy theories in areas of ex-Yugoslavia and the Soviet union”

Danish armour recognition military card during the war in Bosnia

During the war in Bosnia, the Danish state participated with its military units initially in the UN-led UNPROFOR and later within the NATO-led IFOR and SFOR peacekeeping missions. One more famous aspect of the Danish military participation in Bosnia was the usage of German-made Leopard 1 tanks with 105 mm guns.  Via laststandonzombieisland blog  TheContinue reading “Danish armour recognition military card during the war in Bosnia”

Monument politics in ex-Yugoslavia

During 2020 there have been many debates about monuments concerning demonstrations and riots connected to the Black Lives Matter movement. Monuments as of Edward Colston in Bristol, UK and of General Robert E. Lee in Richmond, USA have been vandalised and/or destroyed.  My position when it comes to monuments is the following: Monuments are notContinue reading “Monument politics in ex-Yugoslavia”

500 Billion Dinar Question

In 1991, the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ceased to exist as a sovereign state and UN-member. Before its collapse, socialist Yugoslavia had economic problems, including inflation. The inflation problems were temporarily handled by its last prime-minister Ante Markovic. According to the historian Tvrtko Jakovina based in Croatia, Markovic was especially successful in stopping theContinue reading “500 Billion Dinar Question”

Public Enemy in Sarajevo

This photo was taken by photo-journalist Fernando Costa Netto when he worked in Sarajevo during the war. Before and even during the war, many teenagers, youngsters and kids in Sarajevo grew up with music made in the USA such as rock and roll, rap, and hip hop. In Sarajevo, as in other parts of Bosnia,Continue reading “Public Enemy in Sarajevo”

The Soviet Soldier

I was watching a video clip via Youtube called “Soviet Soldier”.  The clip is from 1991, and I am unsure about the primary source since the clip seems to be either from some documentary movie or news session. Also, I am not aware at the moment of what tendencies this Youtube channel has. Hopefully isContinue reading “The Soviet Soldier”

The first smartphone

Recently I was watching a ColdFusion video from 2015  about “the first smartphone”. Here is a short history of Simon Personal Communicator from 1994.  IBM and Mitsubishi  Today, the Simon Personal Communicator can be seen as the world’s first smartphone, which featured several functions that contemporary mobile phones could not perform, such as sending emails. Its batteryContinue reading The first smartphone

När hotstridsvagnen kom till Sverige

Denna artikel baseras på boken “Svenskt pansar. 90 år av svenskt stridsfordonsutveckling”  I samband med det kalla krigets slut fanns det tankar att Försvarsmakten skulle köpa och skaffa den sovjetiska stridsvagnen modell T-80. Syftet var att T-80 skulle bli standardmodell för Arméns mekaniserade brigader. Något storskalig köp kom aldrig att genomföras men tankarna fanns ochContinue reading “När hotstridsvagnen kom till Sverige”

DOS Games Nostalgia

Stockholm 2020-11-21 Recently I was watching several YouTube videos about games for the Microsoft DOS operative system. Watching the videos felt very nostalgic because I recognised many games that I used to play mostly during the end of 1990s and the beginning of 2000s. The first time I came in contact with computers and PC-gamingContinue reading “DOS Games Nostalgia”