Becoming a SEEDIZEN

Stockholm 2020-10-06 Yesterday I became a citizen of the SEEDS community, or how I like to call it – SEEDIZEN. I joined SEEDS in March 2020 after being introduced to the community by entrepreneur Tomas Bjoerkman. One aspect I immediately admired with SEEDS was its story about decentralisation, ecological transformation and crypto based economic systemContinue reading “Becoming a SEEDIZEN”

Swedish Military Binoculars

As a military historian, I am used to reading different books reflecting on various topics and time periods. This summer I read a book that I find as very unique due to its unusual topic — binoculars. As a former military officer and optical enthusiast, Robert Forslund wrote a book in 2009 called “Swedish Military Binoculars”. TheContinue reading “Swedish Military Binoculars”

The S-Tank

Stockholm 2020-05-18 Yesterday I passed by the Army Museum in Stockholm. One of the main exhibitions that are outdoor is the “S-tank”, officially called Stridsvagn-103 (Tank 103). The S-tank was famous for its “unique” or “strange” design. Military or tank experts had disagreements regarding its status because not all experts could agree if S-103 evenContinue reading “The S-Tank”

European Bildung Day 2020

Last weekend I participated at the European Bildung Day Online conference. The original idea was to have a physical conference in Copenhagen. During the 2-day conference, there were several discussions about the meaning of Bildung how it could be implemented in practice. The meaning of Bildung, which is a German word, can be described withContinue reading “European Bildung Day 2020”

“Openess is our strength”

Recently, liberal and optimist intellectual Johan Norberg published a short book on Swedish “Viruset och världen: Är det nu globaliseringen dör?” (The virus and the world: Is it now that globalization dies?” The book contains many references to arguments and proofs made by several academics and researchers raging from various fields of science and researchContinue reading ““Openess is our strength””